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1. For each of the following services, evaluate the performance of the City of Brentwood as either excellent, good, not so good or poor?
  excellent   good   not so good   poor   undecided / don't know  
  Police protection          
  Neighborhood street maintenance          
  Emergency fire and medical fire          
  Economic development          
  Trash collection          
  Parks and recreation          
2. Recently there’s been discussion of placing a one-half percent (0.5%) sales tax on the ballot to provide funding for flood control and economic development activities on Manchester Road between Hanley Road and Brentwood Boulevard. Is this a proposal you would strongly favor, favor, oppose, or strongly oppose?
3. How would you describe problems with Deer Creek flooding along Manchester Road between Hanley Road and Brentwood Boulevard. Would you say this is a very serious problem, moderately serious, not very serious, or not at all serious?
4. Listed below are possible facts and features of a plan to alleviate flooding conditions along Deer Creek and implement an economic development program on Manchester Road between Hanley and Brentwood. For each indicate if it would make you much more inclined to support this program, somewhat more inclined, somewhat less inclined, or much less inclined to support the program?
  much more inclined   somewhat more inclined   somewhat less inclined   much less inclined   undecided / don't know  
  Considerably more than half of Brentwood sales tax revenue comes from people who shop but don’t live in Brentwood.          
  This area has flooded 26 times since 1957 posing a serious threat to safety and extensive property damage.          
  The state of Missouri will largely fund the extensive improvements to Manchester improving road safety and helping resolve flooding problems.          
  Once this project is fully funded, the City can stop collecting the one-half percent economic development sales tax.          
  Studies have shown that the sales tax rates do not affect consumer decisions about where to shop.          
  Flooding makes it difficult for businesses to be successful along this area of Manchester Road. As a result some business have closed and others will not locate there.            
  The completed project includes trails and other types of park and recreation spaces and facilities along the newly flood-controlled Deer Creek.          
5. Below are some statements that people have made about the possible proposal for flood abatement and economic development activities on Manchester between Hanley and Brentwood.  For each, indicate if you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree or strongly disagree.
  strongly agree   somewhat Agree   somewhat disagree   strongly disagree   other / don't know  
  Enabling economic development on Manchester Road, and the taxes new businesses will pay, will help ensure a stable future for our City.          
  Flooding along Manchester is not that big of a problem. Things are fine the way they are.          
  Our City could use more park and recreation space including trails that connect to the newly developed greenway trail network being developed in our metropolitan area.            
  This area along Manchester is beginning to look very rundown with businesses leaving and no other business replacing them because of flooding issues.            
  With the state paying for road improvements, and so much of the sales tax revenue coming from shoppers who don’t live in our city, this takes care of a big problem using funding that mostly comes from outside of Brentwood.          
  I’m worried that increasing the sales tax will drive shoppers away from Brentwood to other communities.          
  This concept for an urban stream not only improves economic development activities, but it creates a unique opportunity for park and recreational spaces benefitting our families for generations to come.          
6. Recently, the City of Brentwood hosted citizen-led outreach activities and open houses called Brentwood Bound to discuss this proposal for Manchester Road between Hanley and Brentwood. How aware were you about this effort?
7. Answering questions often prompts people to reflect and think differently about a possible proposal for their City. So this is a repeat question just in case that happened with you. If the City of Brentwood placed a one-half percent (0.5%) sales tax on the ballot to provide funding for flood control and economic development activities on Manchester between Hanley Road and Brentwood Boulevard, is this a proposal you would strongly favor, favor, oppose, or strongly oppose?
The last few questions are for classification purposes.
8. How long have you lived within the City of Brentwood?
9. In which of the following age groups do you fall?
10. Are you . . .
11. And lastly, please let us know how you heard about this survey. Was it from . . .

Thank you! That completes our survey. We greatly appreciate your time.


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